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Aubières cellars

Visit the wine cellars near Clermont-Ferrand

Stay at The Originals City, Hôtel Clermont-Ferrand South Aubière and discover one of the 900 wineries in Aubière, which form a unique in Europe. The most famous is the cellar Madam, transformed in 1995 into a vine and wine museum. Others, installed on the puy of Aubière or face on set Cézeaux are private. Some are very well maintained and perpetuate the past winemaker of the town.

Auvergne's wine capital is not where we imagine. Indeed. Some would first cite Chateaugay, St. Pourçain, or Chanturgue Corent. Yet it is Aubière which remained for nearly a century regional reference in the field, with a vine density probably unique in France on 770 acres of the small town in 1850, 550 were covered with vines! And who says vineyards, cellars says: they numbered in the heyday of the late nineteenth 900 in the town (147 entries), a unique in Europe!
And in the matter, Aubière has long cultivated its originality due to the presence of a water table, in the town, was a few meters from the surface. So after digging cellars in the village ... which filled with water (too much!), The first winemakers went digging the following ... on the hills in the limestone of the Puy Aubière or in the plateau basalt Cézeaux.

We climb to the cave!

The Aubiérois thus cultivated a unique originality in Auvergne than anywhere else because then we walked down to the cellars. A Aubière, they went up there!
At the end of the nineteenth century, the golden age of the Auvergne wine, winemakers aubiérois did, for some decades, nice business, as they owned vineyards beyond the limits of the town. A blessed period ending in the early twentieth century, with the arrival of phylloxera that starts the decline of viticulture. The aubiéroises cellars will then cease to be used with the exception of some converted, like Clermontoises cellars in the refining of Saint-Nectaire.

Today, some of them are still maintained and used by their owners, including that of the association for the protection of caves Aubière the street from Thieu. A cellar that still has activity since the association has over the cellar a few rows of vines whose fruit are used each fall to the making of the few Aubière wine bottles. It is therefore necessary to have some contact with the ASCA to be able to visit them.

A cellar 1595
But the best of them are happily open to all: the cellar madame, so named because it belonged to Gilberte de la Roche Briant Chovence, has a history that dates back to at least 1595. It is a set of fairly extensive cellars, on three levels, bought by the city of Aubière and transformed in 1995 into a museum of Vine and Wine. You can discover the products, landscapes and architectural heritage of the vineyard Lower Auvergne.
The museum showcases the skills and features objects from the late nineteenth century to the mid twentieth century.

A small monument pride aubiéroise in which are sometimes organized small events (concerts ...).
Three quarters of the town covered with vines!
A cellar that had, too, take a little height to escape the water table, and is located one kilometer from the place of Ramacles, going back to Jean-Noëllet Avenue. Unfortunately, we do not drink wine Aubière, but we can at least get an idea.